What if you are not ready to open the closet door?

#BiVisibilityWeek is very important to all of us in the Bi Community. It is a time to come together and celebrate our similarities and our differences. We are a vibrant, diverse community and that is a reason for much celebration. We want to hoot and holler, shout about our awesomeness from the rooftops, revel in any and all Bi-representation we see and…just in general, breathe a sigh of relief that we are not alone. We want to share our joy that  more and more Bis are making themselves known. It is a wonderful feeling and I have no intention of popping anyone’s bubble of delight. I am right there with you. : )

However, what if you are not quite ready to admit you are Bi? Perhaps you know you are Bi but don’t feel comfortable letting anyone else know right now or can only be your authentic self with a few close friends?

In all the hullaballoo, let’s not forget that we are a community welcoming to all whether they are at a place in their lives when they can be outspoken or be fierce or even be certain. Most of us have been at that starting point when we were learning about ourselves, our sexuality, our place in the community. In some ways, that is an ongoing process no matter how old we are or how long we have been able and willing to speak our truth. We are here to support everyone in the Bi community no matter what their state of awareness and understanding.  Give some thought to the quiet folks, the introverts and those who don’t yet feel safe in expressing their bisexuality. It could be they are just waiting for someone to see them, to understand their predicament, to give them a big Bi hug. Be the warmth for someone who needs it during #BiVisibilityWeek. You know if they feel the support they will feel inclined to pay it forward. It is always the more the merrier as we don our Bi apparel and share the Love…. There are so many sparkling stars in the Bi galaxy let’s do our best to help everyone shine.



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