I Woke Up Bi Today! ;)

Yes. I did. As I have done for my entire life. I could not be happier and more joyful that I am Bi. Did I feel all the love 40 some years ago when I first came out? Did I always have a positive outcome when I came out to someone? Has it been all rainbows (unicorns) and sunshine? If you are Bi yourself you know the answer to that is No. However, I have always preferred to dwell on the positive and almost everything about being Bi has been positive.

I have had friends and loved ones who have accepted me for my authentic self. I feel I can express my sexuality, and my personality, without worrying what someone will think of me. I see the world through my Bi lens and that confers an insight and attitude I might not have had if I had not been Bi. So, over all the years, with all the ups and downs there is no doubt that being Bi and being out has been a net positive.

Today we celebrate all of us in the Bi community. We work toward acceptance for everyone in the Bi community and for better outcomes for all of us. We have a long way to go to make sure every Bisexual is safe, secure,  supported and loved for exactly who they are and where they are on their own personal identity journey.

But for today, we dance, we celebrate, we love who we are and love others who share our amazing and awesome sexuality. Celebrate! Be yourself! Love yourself! Share the love with your Bi sibs. And, remember visibility is not a one day activity!


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