Stay Connected – Even If You Cannot Stay Visible.

#BiVisibilityWeek ended yesterday. And, for some of us, the bi-phoria that the positive posts and memes created will quickly diminish. Some of us will retreat to the closet and others will remain sort of low-key out, choosing some friends and family to be authentic with.  A few of us will maintain radical visibility, shouting about their bisexuality wherever they are and to whomever they’re with.

The fact is that only 28% of our Bisexual community feels comfortable enough to be out and visible about their bisexual identity. While that is not a statistic I am satisfied with it is a reality and one which may not change in the near future. There are many reasons for that but chief among them is rabid and rampant biphobia. We know it, we feel it, and we experience it almost every day.

The difficulties and challenges of Bisexuality are not my focus today. I want to continue to bask in the glow of the positivity that sparkled during #BiVisibilityWeek and encourage those who are able to be fierce and furious to continue to blaze a trail for those who for many reasons are reticent about their identity and sexuality. We need to make it easier for anyone who is afraid to be less afraid. We need to make sure every Bi sib knows they are accepted exactly as they are by our community and that their voice needs to be heard and will be listened to.

In the meantime, if you don’t feel you can be visible keep an eye on social media. There is a lot of support out there even if it is virtual. Visit Bi sites that are invested in your well-being. Check out the Bisexual Resource Center or Bi-Net to keep up on issues of interest to Bis, local groups and support. Read the articles at Huffpost Queer Voices to keep up on queer news of the day –

Don’t forget #BiTwitter and Facebook where there are a host of Bi folks (Sara Ramirez springs to mind) who are supportive of our Bi Community.

I want to make clear no matter where you are on your coming out journey the destination is never out of your reach. You will get there. You are valid and you are valued. There is always next year to be fully out of the closet and it is  very important that you know how worthy and how worth it you are. Our Bi community embraces you, whether it is BiVisibilityWeek or not.  So, take it easy on yourself, be yourself, be proud of who you are. You deserve our loving support and, believe me, you have it whether you know it or not. ❤

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