Unicorns, Unite!

This year my major intention is to be more involved w/ the Bisexual community. I live in a state which does not have a Bi specific organization. It is a major project and I don’t intend to layer stress upon myself but I hope to take baby steps in the direction of working with other politically motivated/engaged individuals to make a Bi focused group happen in my hometown. You may want to do the same thing. I am sharing a link to the Bisexual Resource Center with information about any organizations close to you. If there isn’t one consider creating one. I know it seems like a daunting task but remember the Margaret Mead quote: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ❤


Another thing on my to do list is to attend a Bisexual conference. I feel as though being with other folks engaged in the Bi cause would be nourishing and invigorating. (Funny story when you look up Bi conferences you often get results for ‘Business Intelligence’ as Bi is the short term for that, too…lol)

Here is one coming up soon and it only costs $75.00 if you register early enough. I love the overarching topic for this years conference is ‘All Roads Lead to Intersectionality’. Here is the link for the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. I love that Bisexual takes the lead in their title and acronym! The lineup and conference topics sound superb. I know I won’t make it this year but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what they have going on in 2019.


While they don’t have an agenda/schedule up for this years’ BECAUSE conference I signed up for their email updates and hope to make it to St. Paul in October. The social media updates i saw from the conference in 2017 certainly made it look like the place to be Bi and a wonderful networking opportunity. Again, we gain strength from numbers!


Here is my dream conference and it is in the UK.  It certainly seems as though the UK has a lot of both political and social organizations for their Bi citizens. (Funny story on this one is that BiCon is also a company selling dental implants…the internet can amuse unceasingly…) But here is the link to the dental implant free BiCon site. It would be awesome to reach out across the pond to make connections w/the British and European Bi community. I would probably have to set up a GoFundMe page to get to London but it may be within financial reach for some and I would definitely encourage my American Bi friends to put in an appearance and represent our community. : )


My point here is we have strength in numbers. We are the Queer Majority and need to make the kind of connections that help us heighten our visibility. Every out Bi+ person is an activist but sometimes it can feel a bit lonely and isolating to be the only Bi person in your immediate sphere of influence.

Sexuality (meaning activity rather than identity) aside, to be able to share stories and strength with another Bi person can make a major difference in our quality of life and mental health. We all need that no matter how BiCertain and BiFierce we are. So, this year, join me in making connections and sharing the beauty and joy being Bi brings to you.  Spread your wings, you beautiful Unicorns, and make this the year you own your majestic and magical sexual identity. ❤

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