Bi Anxiety

I have seen quite a few posts in social media, articles by Bi bloggers and memes regarding ‘am I really Bi’ if I all of a sudden find myself attracted to my own gender more often or exclusively for a while or I find myself attracted to another gender more often or exclusively for a while.  I am here to put your fears to rest.

If you, in your life, have found yourself attracted, romantically or sexually, to your own and other genders you are Bi. Please do not worry about it. Please do not spend another moment fretting as to whether you are Bi enough. You definitely are.

I have a long view. You may find yourself finding flirting with, having sex with, being intimately involved with one gender for quite some time but believe me, the circle turns and all of a sudden a person of another gender will catch your eye. You will find yourself saying, oh yeah, that’s right, I’m Bi.

Love your bisexuality. It is transcendent magic. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Whether you act on it or not (meaning having sex or being in a relationship with folks of more than one gender) does not matter. It enriches your life whether you are ‘practicing’ or not.

So, let the anxiety go. Don’t worry about living up to anyone’s expectations but your own.  Enjoy love. Enjoy flirting. Enjoy sex. Enjoy all the gifts bisexuality confers.  Remember, you know yourself. No one questions straights as though they don’t know who and what they are . No one questions gays/lesbians on the regular after they come out trying to get them to recant. If anyone tries to do that with you just pay them no mind.

If your sexuality is fluid, as it is for most Bis, enjoy that, too. If you are a woman who has been attracted to/sleeping with other women for a while, just enjoy it and appreciate it. A non-binary person or a man (I don’t say trans man/trans woman because to me they are just men and women and don’t require an adjective) might be just around the corner and your attraction to them will come as a complete delight (if not a surprise) when it happens.

Kiss a woman. Kiss a man. Kiss a non binary person. You know you’ll like it. ; )

Accept yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. The more you do the more likely it is you will receive the acceptance, love and respect you so richly deserve. And share that around…everyone can use a little more peace, love and understanding…especially our Bi friends. ❤

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