Reasons for Bi People to Love Themselves.

  • You are Bi-Beautiful
  • You can see and enjoy all the beauty and uniqueness all across the gender spectrum.
  • You have been marginalized and erased so you can embrace and uplift others.
  • You are a human being who has a valid sexuality.
  • You belong to a vibrant and valid Bi community.
  • If you are out you are a beacon to other Bis that being out and proud is possible.
  • If you are not out (yet) you know you are a part of a magnificent Bi community.
  • You support other members of the LGBT community.
  • You do (if it is safe for you) speak up and speak out for the Bi community.
  • You can sing every popular song without changing the words because all the pronouns work for you. ; )
  • Most of us live in a sexuality spectrum. This opens our eyes to the nuances in every aspect of our lives.
  • Our attractions exist along a spectrum so it opens us up to all kinds of relationships…not only sexual…not only friendship…something in between and something completely different
  • We all experience some level of biphobia and that strengthens us.
  • You have been doubted and questioned and so you have more understanding for people who do not feel understood and accepted.
  • You have had the transcendent opportunity to have sex with folks all along the gender spectrum and it has provided you with knowledge and experience which has made you a better sex partner.
  • You live outside the heteronormative and homonormative culture and so you are well positioned to question and challenge the status quo.
  • You are  a human being and you should love yourself just as you are!

Image result for in a society that profits from self doubt poster

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