Being Bi-Positive is not always easy.

The only things Bisexuals are confused about are your prejudice, your biphobia, your Bi-stereotypes, your bi-erasure, your seeming inability to understand that we are human-beings with a valid and legitimate sexuality.  Why do you (bi-phobes) fear us so much? I have had a theory about that for many decades. We overturn the status quo. We are brave sexual warriors. We don’t conform to your mono-sexual world view. We are rebels. We won’t pick a side because we can’t and because we don’t want to.

If we were not under constant attack because our sexuality cannot be tied up with a bow in a nice little  package, because we challenge your world view, we would all be very satisfied and comfortable with who we are and where we are on the sexual identity spectrum.  However, it seems almost every day there is some mono-sexual ugliness trying to diminish us, trying to use hurtful stereotypes to keep us from being out and proud, to harsh our beautiful Bi vibe.

So here is my solution for today. There are so many Bi-positive people on social media. You need to follow them to get your daily dose of Bi+ positivity. Follow these folks to burnish your brightly shining Bi star.

Here is a list. It is in no way complete but it is a start. And, once, you start following them make your own Bi-positive commentary to affirm and support our beauteous Bi community.  ❤


BOP (Bi org project) @biorgproject

Robyn Ochs @robynochs

BiFamilies @BiFamilies

Bisexual News Info @BisexualNews

Still Bisexual @StillBisexual @BiDotOrg

BiNation @BiNationNews

Bi Resource Center @BRC_Central

Sara Ramirez @SaraRamirez

BiTrans Alliance @BiTransAlliance

The Bisexual Index @bisexualindex

Lauren Beach @laurenbbeach

Heron Greenesmith @herong

AmBi @amBiSocial





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