Bisexuality is not an Apology.

There is never a day that goes by that I do not think about the fact I am bisexual. It is such an authentic, significant, informative aspect of who I am that it is never far from my mind.  Whether I am becoming enraged and bifierce and bifurious about some mislabeling, misunderstanding or misapprehension about our sexuality, or seeing a truly fine woman, man or non binary person pass me by and appreciating their beauty, or worrying about my Bi sibs who are not in a safe place or whatever it might be.  I am Bi and other Bi people matter to me. Their well-being is of supreme importance.

I have my reasons for having bisexuality on my mind on the regular. This past week highlighted why this is so.  Suffice to say, there was an opinion piece that went after our Bi cubs….and that made this Mama Bi Bear very angry indeed. In a nutshell, the article in question simply discussed food insecurity amongst Bi college students. The commentary slandered Bi students indicating if they were not so busy ‘cavorting’ around and having constant indiscriminate sex with multiple genders they would be able to feed themselves quite successfully. I would go into great detail about how much that angers me and why but the brilliant Heron Greenesmith has already done so succinctly. Here is Heron’s take. I suggest you read it:

My fear is young Bis will read this nasty biphobic drivel and take it to heart. They will rightly feel demeaned and diminished by the horrifying and totally inaccurate stereotyping of the Bisexual community Bovard clings to but may also think this biphobic rubbish has a kernel of truth.  Please, dear ones, don’t do that. You are amazing and you are  being yourselves against all odds. We have some warriors of the pen, like Heron, who are here to support you. Seek out the college of knowledge and Bi ferocity they share. Know how important and valued you are. You are the future of our beautiful Bi universe and you will make it magnificent. ❤

Note: If you are hungry please know there are resources for you. Use this link to find them.


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