An Indelible Mark.

I make every effort to be bi-visible. I wear Bi Pride colors.  I wear Bi t-shirts. I wear Bi jewelry. I say I am Bisexual out loud. ; ) My next plan is to get a Bi tattoo. Here is the problem. I cannot decide what kind of tattoo to get and where to get the tattoo (I mean on my body; however, I am not sure where to have the tattoo done).

I am not usually plagued by indecisiveness. I am usually forthright. I make a decision and then I do it. I have put this off for years, nay, decades. Part of the problem is I am a very frugal person and tattoos (of the type I am considering) are fairly costly. And, I have my doubts about tattoo artists. It is a very valid  art but, whenever I read reviews, there will inevitably be one person who hated their tattoo and, sometimes, when they share it I can see why.

I have made a decision to be radically visible so stay tuned. I will share my tattoo as soon as I get it. If you want to help me decide. Have you seen a Bisexual Pride related tattoo you thought was absolutely awesome. Please share so you can help me make up my mind.

Here are a few options I am considering:

Image result for bisexual tattoo designs

Image result for bisexual tattoo designs

Image result for bisexual tattoo designs

Image result for bisexual tattoo designs

Image result for proud in bisexual pride colors


2 thoughts on “An Indelible Mark.

  1. While I don’t have a bi tattoo, I do have many others. And, in my opinion, getting a tattoo is a very liberating and empowering thing to do. All of my tattoos have special significance, so what better way to celebrate your bisexuality than by getting a tattoo!


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