Bi Pride/Don’t Hide

We are preparing for the Pride Parade. I have purchased lots of Bi bling. I have big Bi flags, little Bi flags, Bi pins, t shirts, hair color….everything I need to let my Bi Pride sparkle and shine.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. While I have been out and proud of being Bi for many decades I have never marched with a Bi contingent in a Pride parade. Were you hiding you might ask? No, I sure was not (although I was often erased despite my protestations). Well, then, why didn’t you march? Because I never lived anywhere with an organized Bi group in a Pride parade.

Now, that doesn’t seem right, you might say. I wholeheartedly agree. I have waited long enough to march with my cohort; the Bisexuals, the Pansexuals, the Queer non-monosexuals, the multisexuals, the poly folks, queer trans folks, the ace and the aros….you know, the folks who are not gay men and lesbians.  So, instead of waiting any longer I decided, along with other like-minded individuals, to claim our rightful place in the Parade and in the community.

So, think of us on June 10th as we step off to proclaim our non-monosexuality for all to see. Watch us as we welcome folks in the LGBT community who may not have felt welcomed before. We have strength and joy in our warm and welcoming community. This will be the first step in a long journey to create a safe and supportive environment for our local Bi+ folks. We are so ready! ❤


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