A Great Day to be Bi!

One week ago today we had our first Bi Pride contingent in our local Pride parade. One week ago today I walked, for the first time, in a Pride parade with my bisexual siblings. Even though we have so far to go it was a great day. Even though it was a day where it was a biblical deluge it was a great day. Even though we were a small but mighty group it was a great day.

We made an appearance with our homemade (some might say, artisanally crafted) banner. We made an appearance totally soggy and sodden. We made an appearance with folks who were stalwart enough to come out despite the drenching rain. We had great spirits as we waved and threw bi-kisses to the assembled throng. We felt validated. We felt visible. We were visibly Bi and it was amazing.

And here is why it was so worthwhile. For the first time, the non mono-sexuals in the crowd saw themselves reflected in a Pride parade contingent. We were so affirmed by the hoots and hollers, bi-colors and bi-pride we saw in the stalwart crowd who came out for the parade that day.

We have a long way to go. We have so much to do to support our Bi+ community in our city but we took one major step when we joined the lgBt community and let our Bi colors fly last week. Wish us luck as we craft support and solidarity for our Bi siblings. We are on our way. ❤


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