I am Bi! Dammit!

I am so tired of folks telling me I cannot be Bi because I have been married to a cis gendere man for over three decades.

You don’t have the right to mis-identify me. I have the right to say who I am and you have the responsibility to respect what I say.

If you tell me you are gay or lesbian I simply accept that. I may slightly doubt you are being 100% but it is not my place to tell you who you are. Same with me. I am not confused. I am not unsure of my identity.  If I have the courage to speak bisexual out loud, trust me, I am bisexual.

You may think my long term relationship identifies me but you would be wrong. My partner does not define my sexuality. He never has and he never will. I am a living example that bisexuality is not a phase.

Recently, as we work toward having a supportive community organization in the city where I live, I have had quite a few folx contact me because they are in varying states of stepping out of the closet. It remains so difficult to be open as a bisexual person. The research statistics bear that out since only 28% of bisexuals are out to their family and closest friends.

You have the capacity to change that statistic. So, if anyone in your life shows the bravery to step out of the closet and come out as Bi  accept them and support them. Bis need that support. We have a lot to deal with both from the gay and straight communities and your willingness to be there for us will be very much appreciated. I ask that you be the change…that you be our allies and combat the biphobia we deal with daily.


Image result for Dear Society stop invalidating folx's Bi+ identity

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