Multi-Sexual Respect!

I will always call myself bisexual. The reason I will claim that label is that many activists have worked hard over the decades to include B in LGBT+, and bisexual, in my view, is an umbrella term for all folks who are attracted to humans of multiple genders.

That said, I embrace all of the terms folks are using to identify their sexual orientation and expression. I want everyone, regardless of whom they are attracted to, to find the term which works for them and which feels authentic. The label which feels like their home. Multi-sexual, Polysexual, Pansexual, No Labels, Queer, ‘free ass motherfucker’… matter what we call ourselves those of us under the Bi+ umbrella  have more in common than we have which divides us.

We are the folks who are not constrained by gender when it comes to loving and lusting and doing sex with other humans. There is really no room or need for argument on this point. While I do not find myself limited by the term bisexual to folks whose gender identity is on the binary there are some who do. We are all non-monosexuals together and while I don’t want you to diminish or disrepect my choice to use the term bisexual I cannot allow myself to be the sexual orientation police and say your term is not the right one, or the most accurate one or, frankly, whatever. You are you and your label is whatever you choose.

As long as we can agree that a lot of work has to be done to give our multi-sexual community it’s

Anyone with eyes to see can envision a world, maybe just around the corner, where we don’t have to label our sexuality. I think there is a generation which is just not hung up on such things currently percolating or on the horizon. Until then I am Bi, you might be Pan or Poly, but the main thing is we are the Queer Majority and becoming a larger part of the larger LGBT community every day.

The future is multi-sexual and I, for one, think it is long overdue. ❤


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