I am not ‘secretly gay’ and saying I am is disrespectful.

I am, in fact, unapologetically and fiercely and very happily,  Bi.  Since it is Bi-Visibility month it is very important to discuss the type of assumptions which erase our valid and valuable bisexual identity.  The graphic I borrowed for this post is definitely tongue in cheek but the idea is important. Bisexuals are not half gay/half straight. We are 100% bisexual.

This is an important concept which it seems monosexuals sometimes fail to grasp. We stretch the boundaries of sexuality as we do not live within the binary and don’t have limits with regard to whom we are attracted. We own who we are and we do not have to fit into any box so don’t say you don’t understand or cannot comprehend who we are. In fact, I cannot fathom not being attracted to the vast majority of the beautiful humans who walk this earth. (I don’t have to want to do sex with them but I can appreciate the infinite beauty) You don’t have to understand/comprehend but you do have to acknowledge that we exist and that our sexuality is valid. We don’t need or desire your permission to be ourselves and to express our sexuality as feels authentic to us.

So, monosexual friends/allies, during Bi Visibility Month take a moment to reflect on your pre-conceived notions/assumptions about those of us on the Bi+ sexuality spectrum. Consider how damaging your wilful ignorance can be and make a concerted effort to be the change.


Image result for bisexuality is valid

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