I assume you have seen the same hashtag on social media that I have: #20BiTeen. I believe we are to believe 2019 will be our year. The year Bisexuals come out of the closet, refuse to be erased, and express our beautiful bisexuality openly. All I can say, if this is our year, it is long overdue. However, we can and will seize the moment.

How do we seize this Bi moment? There are so many ways. You should choose the way which works best for you.

Finally buy all the Bi bling. T-shirts, enameled pins, Bi color hair dye, Bi eye makeup, etc etc. While I am more of a fan of Queer Liberation than Rainbow capitalism it is true you can find just about anything on the Internet to publicly express your bisexuality. You really should…(of course, only if you feel safe doing so). As for me, I ‘Bi’ it up all day every day….finally get that Bi Pride tattoo you have been considering. We all have to do our part to be as radically Bi-visible as we can be.

Don’t assume. Yes, I have blogged before about how no one should assume anything about another’s sexuality but we also should not assume folks can see our magical bisexuality if we don’t tell them we are Bi (again, only do what you feel safe and secure doing). As for me, I do not miss an opportunity (and sometimes make the opportunity) to make sure my family, friends, coworkers, and casual acquaintances to proclaim my bisexuality. I have dealt with ignorance but it has been my experience that folks appreciate knowing who you are and, more and more often, have zero problem with my being Bisexual. You never know till you tell them. Every time a Bisexual comes out it makes it easier for the next person to do so. Quite often, when I express my Bi authenticity the person I am talking to or someone who was just eavesdropping will come out to me. It is always a joy to meet a new member of our Bi+ community.

Call folks out on their Bi-phobia. The more badass I become the more unlikely it is for someone to openly express Bi-phobia but it can sometimes be very subtle. For instance, it can be as simple as someone expressing incredulity that I am Bi because I have been married to a man for so many years. It is easy to disabuse folks of the notion that Bisexuals and bisexuality are defined by the gender of our partner.

Seek out Bi-community. I have done that….in fact, with other activists, I have created a Bi+ organization where I live. You can do it, too. You will be astonished how many people have been waiting for even a glimmer of Bi-activism and community and will wholeheartedly participate.

Demand that LGBT organizations provide services for the Bi+ community. Most larger cities have some kind of LGBT outreach. Call them out if they are not providing for the B in the LGBT.

Just be your magnificent Bi self: Trust me, if you are Bi and allow yourself to radiate your Bi beauty and authentic sexuality people will be drawn to your confidence. Whether you are looking for lovers, hookups or friends being yourself is always attractive. Be a good friend and you will find good Bi friends. : )

It has been a long journey to see Bi role models in the media and to have folks in the public eye come out as bisexual. I think we are at a tipping point and it is an ‘all hands on deck’ situation. To quote, Yoko Ono, A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Bisexual beauties, it is time to dream our Bi future together!


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