In fact, a lot of folks are Bi.

Bisexuality remains the type of sexuality that often  is considered taboo. The biphobia that Bis face is the major reason so many stay in the closet. Over 70% of bisexuals are not out to their family and close friends. This is in comparison with gay men and lesbians where about 70% are out to family and close friends. Why does this biphobia persist? Why is it that so many people fear bisexuality? Fear is what fuels biphobia as psychologists tell us we often hate that which we don’t understand or don’t understand. Urban Dictionary defines biphobia as an unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward bisexuals and bisexuality. The important word in that definition is unreasoning. Who we are is a pretty simple thing. We are folks who can be attracted sexuality or romantically to persons of our own or another gender. Not too scary, right? I mean, if society can accept that gay men and lesbians are attracted to genders like their own why is it such a leap that those of us who are bisexual can be attracted to those with genders like our own or dissimilar to our own.

It is past time for individuals to examine their aversion to bisexuality. Knowledge is power and I often think if society understood us better we would not be faced with such challenges. I also think that for those of us who can we have a responsibility to be visible and vocal. So, to monosexuals, I challenge you to examine your unreasonable prejudices about those of us who are non-monosexual. And to my non-monosexual sibs I ask that (if safe for you) you step up and identify yourselves as bisexual, pansexual, fluid, polysexual and answer the questions folks have about our sexual orientation. It is only be being seen and acknowledging who we are that we can dispel the myths surrounding bisexuality and encourage other non-monosexuals to be out and proud of who they are.


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