MGA and Genderqueer

Almost every day I learn a new acronym and often I find the acronym applies to me. MGA is pretty much me, in a nutshell. It also applies to most, if not all, bisexuals. We are non monosexuals and, by definition, multi gender-attracted folks. To me, this is just being a regular, magical bisexual person.

Being able to love and be attracted without limits is, by far, the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Have their been challenges? Definitely. Would I change who I am? Absolutely not.

Being bisexual is more than having a certain type of sexuality. In my view, it is looking at the world in a way that is far beyond binaries. Gender is important in that we must respect everyone’s gender identity. However, as a bisexual, I see the beauty and pure sexiness of every type of gender. As a non-binary person myself I have had to give a lot of thought to how I present myself. And, very often, how I explain myself and my attractions. I have made the mistake of saying I am attracted to humans despite what their gender is. That is flawed language. I am attracted to them because of what their gender is or no matter what their gender is. I still struggle with the right way to express how I feel but using MGA might solve that personal shortcoming. 😉

We have so many acronyms in the LGBTQ community but I think it is past time to adopt MGA. It also helps define the way many bisexuals feel about their bisexuality. It is limitless and infinite. : 0



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