Bi Gatekeeping

Bisexual. Pansexual. Omnisexual. Queer. Unlabeled. Polysexual.

What do these terms have in common? They are various labels for a person who is non-monosexual. Why are there so many? I don’t really have the answer for that but it really doesn’t matter. Folks choose the label which resonates with them and which they feel best describes their sexuality. And, guess what, that is just fine!

The only problem arises when folks use various labels to potentially divide the non-monosexual community. I personally like the term Bi+ to describe myself. However, I could use any of the above terms if I wanted to as they pretty accurately describe my limitless attractions.

Just like any other person I have preferences. I could not really express those preferences very well verbally….suffice to say, I know what I like when I see it. However, ‘what I like’ is not limited by gender. What I like has to do with a person who is relatable to me…that usually involves keen observational skills, a great, slightly off beat sense of humor and a general curiosity about the world.

My point is there is no one who can tell you how to be Bi and no one who can tell you which label to use. Only you are in charge of your own Bi-ness. Never allow someone else to have that agency for you.

Are there gatekeepers within the Bisexual community. Absolutely. Do you have to pay them any mind at all? No, you do not. In fact, I would argue when you see gatekeeping taking place whether in the real or virtual world confront it and make clear that as a Bisexual (Pansexual, Omnisexual, etc) you do not tolerate it.

As Bisexuals we get plenty of gatekeeping from outside of our community. We must not do the same thing ourselves.

It is actually much easier than you might think. It is simply a matter of understanding that we are a beautifully diverse group of people and that we all have our own way to express our sexual fluidity. All we have to do is not only accept but celebrate our differences. It is as simple as treating our Bi sibs exactly the way we would want to be treated with love and with respect. : )


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