Bi-solation during Queerantine

I was inspired to reflect upon how Bisexuals are doing during these bi-solating times. It is a rainy day here where I live and this pluviophile not only loves it but loves the time for thought it allows. I mean, we already have so many challenges in building Bi+ supportive community I think this is another layer which makes connection that much more difficult. I know, for myself, as an organizer of our local Bi+ group I have had some moments where I have felt very alone….and that is with a Bi+ partner, Bi+ kids and Bi+ friends. Prior to the pandemic, I knew I would have the opportunity to see and connect with another Bi+ person (who was not related to me…lol) at least several times a month and I miss that. I can only imagine what it is like if you are not out and have not made any connections within the community.

Today is IDAHOBIT 2020. On this day only 30 years ago the World Health Organization finally stopped thinking of queer-ness as a medical/psychological illness/disorder. I was 32 at the time. I recall feeling elation that no one could call us ‘sick’ without our knowing that the international medical community did not agree. That was a watershed moment. Those of us who were Queer knew there was nothing wrong with us but it meant a great deal to see that corroborated.

I just wanted to let you know, my dear Bi+ friends, that this too shall end. We’ll come out of this strong. In the meanwhile, take some time to try to virtually connect with other Bi+ folks.

Check out:

They have an email listed to contact and have ongoing bisexual virtual support groups available. Know you are not alone and the Bi+ community is still here, still queer and being safe to protect all of us. : )

I also encourage you to think on how best to find your community wherever you live. Bi+ groups are on Meetup and there are some regional organizations to touch base with. As always, do what feels right for you, be safe and be your glorious Bi+ self.  I hope you will consider being as out as you can be safely and to step a bit outside of your comfort zone to make meaningful Bi+ connections. The more we see and acknowledge each other the more the larger LGBTQ community will be required to recognize our validity and our visibility.

Even if I am not writing often I think about y’all often. We are the majority of the LGBTQ community and our health and wellbeing matters, a lot. Sending you a big virtual Bi+ hug.



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