Bi Myself!

Yes, I’m still here. And, to be honest, not completely alone as my partner of almost 40 years is here in bi-solation with me. I know how lucky I am to not be completely solitary in this pandemic world we currently live in. That said, I truly miss my connection with my local Bi+ community. Virtual just does not cut it for me.

This is just a quick resurface as I reflect on topics which may be of value to all of us during these trying times.

Personally, I have been very busy for the past several months so just a brief update.

We have been remarkably lucky given my spouse was a front line healthcare worker until just a few weeks ago. In our little household we did escape Covid. My daughter, who works in academia and lives on a college campus was not so lucky. However, she has recovered.

She is also deaf having lost her hearing in her early 20’s whilst she was in grad school. I have been learning ASL for the past 6 months and learning about the Queer Deaf community. I am taking various classes and spending a lot of time learning how best to communicate to those with hearing loss. I am also trying to educate myself about the Deaf community, in general. Not surprisingly, it has been eye opening.

I have also been doing a lot of reading on our own beautiful Bi culture. Hopefully, that will inform my blog as I try to do a better job of writing and sharing.

So, wherever you are, whomever you are, whatever you are doing I send the best Bi vibes your way. We may not be able to connect in person in most parts of our world right now but that does not mean we cannot hold each other in our thoughts.

Take care. Stay safe. Watch this space for more as time goes on. Sending you big Bi love.

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