Bi yourself during a global pandemic?

To say these have been trying and troubled times for the past two years would be a vast understatement. For those of us who are out and bivisible it has been a challenge to maintain connects with Bi+ community and for those in the closet I feel certain it has been that much worse.

What to do? How to try to try to take baby steps to accept, express and exclaim your sexuality when you cannot make contact with other folks in the Bi-osphere is a question I am often asked as the admin of various Bi social media sites. I have a few ideas which I will share but mostly, I just want to say being Bi yourself and accepting who you are is always your first step. You can do that in community but you can also do it alone.

All those decades ago when I came out to myself I spent time in the library looking for any Bi reference, I scoured news stories for any information about any Bi people, I read into media (movies and TV) searching for someone who might be like me. Today, there is much more Bi representation and it is resoundingly more positive so just keep your eyes and ears peeled for folks who are out and proud and being bivisible. That alone can be incredibly affirming.

Beyond your own research you can connect with many podcasts. I specifically suggest Two Bi Guys, By the Bi, The Bisexual Agenda, Bisexual Brunch, the Monogamish Marriage, BiBiBi …but a quick Google will help you find what you are looking for. And, if at first, you don’t succeed keep trying because Bi content is out there….wholesome or otherwise….to fit your needs and wants.

Spend some time being a Bi bookworm. There are so many great Bi+ books out there but I highly recommend the Bi-bliography to seek Bi+ books which you might have an interest in. Frankly, most books which accurately and/or positively represent bisexuality will usually fill the bill for me.

Check out social media. There are so many Bi+ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc sites where you can dip your toe into the Bi-universe and see how/where you fit in.

Please remember that this pandemic situation will pass and Bi groups will be meeting up in person again. Prepare yourself to take that step as soon as it is possible. There are many folks who have been where you are, new to accepting their sexuality, taking those first steps to being visible and meeting up with community, sharing who they are with family and friends….and they will welcome you with open arms.

You are valid. You matter. You are not alone.

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