Coming out of Queerantine!

This was one crazy pandemic pause. Like most folx I had many experiences during the Covid pandemic. And, for many, Covid is still a major concern so I do not want to discount concerns and concessions made to avoid contagion.

That said, the local Bi+ group I organize, has sprung back into action, We have partnered with the local LGBT center, we are hosting monthly discussion groups and other events, and we are preparing to march proudly in our local Pride parade. To say it feels really good is a vast understatement.

It was not easy to maintain connection with community during isolation. One of the things I did was to maintain social media for the local group I administer. It helped but it was definitely not the same as seeing folx in person and feeling a sense of camaraderie.

Now that I am slowly emerging from my cocoon one thing of note is that I am more inclined to grow community sustainably. That means finding folx with unique talents and perspectives. I hope it means we will be serving our diverse cohort even better and more mindfully than we did before.

I am hoping to maintain a better connection beyond my local area with my blog and to encourage talk back from any folx who may follow. I am definitely looking for your ideas. Not only for what you may want to see topically on the blog but also for the beautiful work you are doing wherever you are.

I am more committed than ever to serve our amazing Bi/Pan/Omni/Poly community. Recent research tells us that we are 60% of the LGBTQ community and it is definitely our turn to shine and shout. So turn up your bright Bi+ light and your volume! Your voices matter!

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