Bi Celebration

I feel like breaking out the bubbly. Are there any bisexuals out there who are not celebrating the release of  Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae? It is on fire and it represents what Bisexuality has always been to me. All the sassy-ness  and sexy-ness and empowerment and more…. I have always considered Bisexuality a transcendent gift. I love finding all manner of people attractive and exciting.  It just makes the world so interesting. It certainly does not hurt that the folks in the video are totally drop dead gorgeous. ; )

I totally embrace her unapologetic stance on being ‘an emotional, sexual bender’…and the clear message that her sexuality totally empowers and is empowering. That is, and has always been, bisexuality for me and for many, many other bisexuals. Let’s embrace our power. Let’s own our amazing sexuality. We are so lucky to be Bi and we can’t help it. And we would not want to even if we could. I would never, ever want to change my sexuality. NEVER. EVER.

This song, and this video, are both playful and powerful. Playfulness is, to my view, a delightful, intoxicating part of being Bi. Power just goes with the Bi territory, too. We know who we are, we know what we like, and we go for it, with consent, of course.

I sincerely hope this song shakes things up…there is nothing repentant, apologetic or sorrowful about it. It expresses the joy that is bisexuality.  Damn…it looks like Janelle and her partners are having a ton of flirtatious fun. There is no confusion just inclusion….oh yeah…and it is so danceable.

Janelle, you brilliant beauty ….thanks for the way you make me feel….bi-fierce, bi-fabulous and, most of all, bi-proud. ❤


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4 thoughts on “Bi Celebration

    1. LOL…..yep….it just makes me feel so joyful….it is past time for us to own all the beauty that is Bisexuality…..I have always relished it, personally, but I want everyone to know how it just opens you to the universe of love, sex, attraction…..alllllllll of it…. : )


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