Bisexual Healing

Whenever I say this I hear Marvin Gaye’s song, Sexual Healing. If you have never heard it check it out on the YouTube or streaming music platform of your choice. Then grab your partner and start to ‘operate’. If you want a serious 80’s vibe watch the video. You can thank me later. : )

In a more serious vein, we are heading into almost 6 months of #Queerantine and the bi-solation is taking it’s toll. I think I speak for most of us when I say that. I am certainly feeling it.

There are far too many bisexual folks who are not part of a larger Bi+ community and operate on their own. This is tough because we are not seen, recognized, validated for our sexual identity. And, yeah, if our sexual partners are not part of our immediate circle we are, if we are responsible human beings, probably not seeing them in order to stem the tide of the pandemic. Challenging to say the least.

To be clear, I am not talking about sex here. As a community, we derive support and celebration from being with and seeing other Bi+ folks. Knowing that there are others who are on the bisexual spectrum provides us with validation and knowledge that we are hardly alone. It reminds us we are card-carrying members of the #QueerMajority.

This isolation might be felt most keenly right now as it is BiVisibility/Pride Month. A time when there tend to be a few more activities that support all of us. Not being able to participate in communal celebration of our bisexuality can make us feel very adrift.

And, then, there is sex, to be considered. Amiright?

Are all Bisexuals poly? No, certainly not. Are some of us? Yep. And, even if we aren’t polyamorous being set adrift without the camaraderie of our community is a major challenge. In regard to sex, we may have the answer right in our hands with various smart phone apps that can connect us. ; ) Is this a totally satisfying alternative? Not really, but probably the best pandemic option we have.

So, what is to be done. How can we feel more connected to other Bisexuals? I wish I had all the answers on that one. Luckily, there is the internet. Make us of it. Check in with other Bi+ folks you know just to make sure they are doing ok. Let them know, even in these trying times, you are representing our community all day, every day and in any way you can. If you are active on social media post positive and affirming messages about Bisexuality. You never really know whom you might reach and inspire that way.

Also, take a look online. I know the Bisexual Resource Center plans a virtual celebration of Bi Pride on 9/24! Check out their FaceBook page for more info on that.

We aren’t alone. We’ll be able to meet face to face again. In the meantime, wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear your mask. Sending lots of virtual Bi+ love to all of you.

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